Consortium of Migrants Assisting Organizations in the Czech Republic

Consortium of Migrants Assisting Organizations in the Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to as Consortium) started its activity in September 2000 based on a three-year project, prepared by the Czech Helsinki Committee and funded by a grant from the European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights of the European Commission. After successful completion of the project the NGOs involved decided to register the Consortium as a single legal entity (March 2003). In this form the Consortium worked until the end of 2009, when after several months of relative inactivity changed its statutes and has launched a new phase of its activities.

The Consortium currently comprises of eighteen organizations. The founding member organizations were the Association for Integration and Migration (formerly Counselling Centre for Refugees), the Organization for Aid to Refugees, Counselling Centre for Integration and the Association of Citizens Assisting Emigrants. During March and April 2010 joined the Consortium the Multicultural Centre Prague, InBáze Berkat and People in Need. In August 2010, then joined META - Counseling and Information Center for Young Migrants. Currently is the Consortium in the process of expanding its member base, including organizations of migrants residing in the Czech Republic.

The main objective of the Consortium is to actively participate in the formation of migration policy and to familiarize the public with the situation of migrants in the Czech and European context. The Consortium also provides media coverage of cases of migrants whose rights were seriously violated, further education of staff member organizations, promotes the exchange of information between NGOs and government on migration and coordinates the response of member organizations on current migration issues.

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